Birthed in 2019 in the Historic Downtown Plano Arts District, EBESU Robata & Sushi introduces a reimagined take on Japanese cuisine in the form of a modern Japanese bistro. 

EBESU’s Robata utilizes high grade Japanese Binchotan charcoal to grill quality ingredients to perfection while Japanese artisanship is on full display in the preparation and presentation of the quality sushi and sashimi.

In addition to these tried and true traditional Japanese classics, Executive Chef Tsukasa aims to surprise and delight by bringing his originality to contemporary Japanese cuisine, creating innovative deliveries of modern-day Japanese food.

EBESU’s interior is highlighted by an illuminated, terraced counter ceiling, as well as a Mt. Fuji motif, and was brought to life by the same designer that created Gonpachi, the famous Tokyo restaurant featured in the movie Kill Bill.

The warm ambience as well as the inclusion of a private dining room makes EBESU the perfect location for a variety of events and occasions.

“Delight through hospitality.
Harmony by atmosphere.
Best in our food and our service.”

With this philosophy in our hearts, EBESU hopes to bring joy and smiles to each and every one of our guests.

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